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    Marvel by Moebius.

    A great artist can take a classic design and make it their own while keeping the essence intact. Moebius was definitely one of the greats.

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  2. tommm9:

    Riot Fest custom Piece by TomKellyART
    Hey if you folks are going to Riot fest this weekend in Chicago be sure and check out this bad boy. This is a 4 foot by 8 foot custom painted piece on cardboard. From left to right the performers are the Wu Tang clan, Rick Nielsen, Marky Ramone, Gwar, Die Antwoord and Andrew WK. I did this custom piece of Pop art for the Chicago Coalition for the homeless and it will be up for silent action along with tons of cool cool rock music gear from the bands and artists. Here is a link the the Charities blog http://cchriotfest.tumblr.com/


  3. Double Page Spread ep 93- Dave Wachter

    "Guns of Shadow Valley", the western comic with a tremendously successful kickstarter campaign, has finally seen publishing through Dark Horse Comics in a gorgeous hardcover edition. Artist Dave Wachter talks to Wendi about westerns and the mixing of multiple genres, as well as debating if Star Wars is really sci fi. Also available is his current miniseries from IDW, "Godzilla: Cataclysm", so we discuss the Godzilla fandom, favorite eras of kaiju, the difficulties in drawing giant monsters and so much more!

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    Someone goes to hell and finds that everyone there is suffering because they cannot eat even though each has a scrumptuous meal right in front of them. The reason they can’t eat is that their chopsticks are longer than their arms, so they cannot put the food in their mouths. The person then goes to the Buddha land. There, again, the chopsticks are longer than people’s arms. But everyone is content. Why? It’s because they take turns feeding one another.

    In other words, the difference between hell and Buddhahood is not one of environment. The difference lies solely in the hearts of those dwelling in these realms.

    — Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra V 4. (via rayandrewholt)

  5. Double Page Spead ep 92- Tom Fowler

    Double Page Spread likes to talk a lot about all ages comics and books that can appeal to both kids and parents equally. In this episode Wendi interviews Tom Fowler, who has worked for every major company, but now is the artist on “Howtoons (Re)Ignition” with writer Fred Van Lente. This Image title combines detailed instructions of DIY science experiments of varying degrees with a fun narrative of kids surviving by their wits. They discuss the difficulties of drawing science experiments, the problems with fan art, getting back to finding joy in drawing and more.

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    Time is a flat circle. @mcconaughey #rust #rustincohle #hbo #truedetective #tonymoore #walkingdead #twd #thewalkingdead #toronto #fanexpo

  7. For what would have been Jack Kirby’s 97th birthday yesterday, artists contributed to the Hero Initiative by drawing various Kirby characters for auction. Phil Hester drew 97!!! Here are but a few.
    Let every Aug 28 be a celebration of limitless vision and determination, and truth that we can all be as creative as we imagine. Go check out #wakeupanddraw on twitter.
    All hail King Kirby!

  8. seanhowe:

    (1) Walter Simonson, Joe Rubinstein, Pat Broderick, and Ralph Reese pose for Larry Hama.

    (2) Marvel Premiere #19, November 1974. Art by Larry Hama and Dick Giordano. Words by Doug Moench.

    I want to hug all these fellas!

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    Hey Dudes. I wrote a collection of all ages horror stories called Spooky Sleepover. It’s drawn by the incredibly awesome and handsome Jess Smart Smiley. It features stories about killer toilets, ghosts riding bikes and a werewolf that eats garbage! Say What!?

    We wanted to create a book that is both funny AND scary and that people of all ages could enjoy and we couldn’t be more proud of this book.

    It’s currently on Kickstarter and you can grab a copy now! We can use all the support we can get so reblog if you can! Stay Spooky!

    Today is the very last day to grab a copy of Spooky Sleepover! You have a about 13 hours left!

    Last day to grab your Spooky Sleepover!


  10. Double Page Spread ep 91- Steve Bryant

    Wendi offers up her opinions on the Milo Manara “Spider-Woman” variant and free speech. Then she gets into it with the affable Steve Bryant, discussing unmade David Lynch projects, what it’s really like at SDCC for small press vendors and speculating what the comics from his children’s generation will be like. Steve has the upcoming “Athena Voltaire Compendium” coming from Dark Horse and discusses creating an original daredevil lady pulp character and all the classic style of storytelling involved.

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